About Us

Even those human constructs that we consider to be stable and confident have a history full of errors and hesitations. Our logo reflects, with reference to two Greek letters, Digamma and Beta, the purpose that moves us in the development of projects. From the source code to the edge of chaos is much more than a groovy slogan to fill our profile in the social networks, it is a desire to achieve the highest perfection imitating the way nature evolves.

Digamma belongs to the set of characters of the Greek alphabet that were lost in favor of other voices that conformed more to the pronunciation of its users, the greek speakers. It was taken from the Phoenician, who inhabited the Iberian Coast and were the principal agent of innovation in a peninsula rich in raw materials. It was also called "Waw", which touches two fundamental elements in FricolaB creative process: the WWW and serendipity, the instant of "Waaaaaw!"

Beta is related to the last phase of development of a prototype, just before becoming a product. FricolaB don't produce finished products mainly for two reasons: because our focus is on the development rather than distribution or consolidation and because we don't really believe in final products.

We use open source tools in all our projects because we believe in open knowledge production. We talk about tools and not only software strictly because we apply the concept of open source to other tools and phases of the creative process as well, as learning, user exploration or designing.

Although FricolaB is a personal project in our DNA we include cooperation and our projects would not be possible without the collaboration of a network of professionals in various fields that help us to produce quality results and to make every process become a singular collective learning experience.